In addition to the build URL API, the package exposes an instance of Transformer, which can be used to calculate transformations independently.


  • options:
    • Type: TransformerOption
    • Required
    • Object contains all the accepted transformation keys and values to to generate.
  • Output:
    • Type: Transformation

Returns an array of mapped transformation params according to Cloudinary format.

import { Transformer } from 'cloudinary-build-url 

const transArr = Transformer.transform({
  resize: {
    width: 500,
    height: 500,
    type: 'thumb'
  gravity: 'auto',
  chaining: [{
    effect: {
      name: 'grayscale'

//['c_thumb','w_500', 'h_500', 'g_auto', ['e_grayscale']]

See Transformations for more details on accepted properties for options.


  • transformations:
    • Type: Transformation
    • Array of transformation params according to Cloudinary format.
  • Output:
    • Type: String

Returns a string that contains all the given transformations, separated by , or / and ready to inject to Cloudinary image URL.

import { Transformer } from 'cloudinary-build-url'

const trans = Transformer.toString([
    [ 'e_grayscale' ]


See Image Transformation API for more details on how to compute transformation params.