@cld-apis/utils provides a set of common methods to help using Cloudinary APIs, or being used in between different Cloudinary APIs.


  • obj - Object

Returns a new object whose properties' names are converted to snake_case.

import { toSnakeCase } from '@cld-apis/utils'

const obj = toSnakeCase({
  cloudName: '123',
  myCamelCase: 'myCamelCase',

// { cloud_name: '123', my_camel_case: 'myCamelCase' }

colorify(color, prefix)

  • color
    • Type: String
    • required
    • A valid CSS color string (named color, 3-4 digit HEX color or 6-8 digit for RGBA color)
  • prefix
    • Type: String
    • Default: rgb:

Returns a converted color string with the prefix if needed. By default it returns the color mapped according to Cloudinary standards for color transformation.

import { colorify } from '@cld-apis/utils'

console.log(colorify('#ffffff')) // rgb:ffffff